Jewellery Making

I love jewellery, it allows me to express myself and I often find it easy to dress up a plain outfit with beautiful statement jewellery that I do wearing a glamorous outfit. Jewellery adds an extra dimension be it fun and quirky or serious or vintage or ultra modern. I love handmade jewellery and found myself searching eBay and Etsy for really special pieces tired of high street retailers lack of variety. I’ve always made jewellery experimenting with different styles. That passion has continued and I love finding new ideas drawing inspiration from everywhere and anywhere. I recieved some buttons from my mam, I love Alice in Wonderland and she thought I might be able to make something with them, I decided to make a beautiful brooch and ordered the supplies I would need to this, the issue then became what would I do with all of the extra bits that I didn’t need for the brooch. I still haven’t made the brooch but my hobby and passion for beautiful unique jewellery has continued to grow and I have so many ideas and not enough time to now try everything I want to try. I currently sell my jewellery on asos marketplace and in the next few weeks I intend to start selling on Etsy and to launch my own website. You can add Ava Kitsch as a friend on Facebook or follow @Avakitsch on Twitter to see my passion grow as I add new pieces to my collection. If you would like something special made I also do custom orders so just ask and I will see what I can do.


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