Earrings and more earrings


As I have already mentioned I sell jewellery on Etsy, asos marketplace, but I also sell at craft fairs. One of the challenges I face like many other sellers is trying to keep track of inventory. When I first started making jewellery this was straightforward as everything I was making was going straight onto asos marketplace but as I’ve started to explore new selling opportunities I’ve had to find ways to keep track. This is still a work in progress.
Like many things when trying to turn a hobby into a business you need to find a system that works for you. With now selling at craft fairs I needed to make a lot of stock quickly to be able to fill a table. I now focus on making fresh stock for the craft markets and after I’ve done a craft market I will take some after that stock and divide it between etsy and asos marketplace.
My new challenge is to find a way to make this process less time consuming, I love craft fairs and markets because you are not having to take photographs and write descriptions but it does mean that I have a lot of inventory that is not doing very much at all when I’m not at a craft fair and when I haven’t got time to get them online. So what is the answer? How do you do it?
I try to be as organised as possible and each item of jewellery that I sell has a price, a name and some brief details and I keep the jewellery organised into different baskets for different sales channels. But this still doesn’t solve the problem that I have lots of stock all for different sales channels and I can’t reach my customers. So I will keep trying to find different solutions until I find something that works. I try to use social media wherever possible. So if you like any of the earrings in this post they are £3.50 pair, get in touch I will make them available to but online.
It would be great to hear from you if you have the answer or if you are facing the same challenges. Maybe we can find a solution together.


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