I love the blue design of my jewellery cards, however I also know the importance of having a strong brand image. Recently I have started to do a lot more print marketing for Ava kitsch Jewellery, instead of just focusing my attention on social networking I have also produced a leaflet to give out with my business card at craft markets and other local businesses. This led me to do some work on my brand image.
I enjoy selling on asos marketplace but opening my etsy shop gave me the opportunity to start creating my own brand image. My etsy shop still needs work, but it allows me to communicate a lot more with customers about who I am and about my jewellery. When designing my leaflets I used a lot of the information from etsy because I want a consistent message. This has also led to me making improvements when selling at craft markets, taking my online brand into the real world.


My logo is now on my jewellery cards and this style is also online, my business cards and my other marketing material.


Even my gift boxes contain my branding.

This continues to be a work in progress but I am getting there.


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