Crocheted Jewellery


I love to try new ideas when I’m making jewellery, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy some wool and learn how to crochet. It’s fun and I prefer it to knitting because the results are fast and with a few basic stitches you can do a lot.
My favourite thing to do so far is making flowers, there are so many different designs to try, and they are great for turning into brooches and cuff bracelets. I’ve even made a few bookmarks, perfect for a Christmas stocking filler.
I’m also trying to create my own patterns, now I’ve got some of the basic stitches I thought it would be fun to see what I could come up with. This is my first attempt, using techniques from other patterns I created a cog design.


This is a bit big,, I wanted to be able to use it in the same way as the flower to create brooches and cuffs but still it could be used as a coaster.
I’m going to keep experimenting and see what else I can come up with to add to my expanding jewellery collection.


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