Reflections and Plans

Since the launch of Ava Kitsch Jewellery at Easter it has been an exciting adventure and a learning experience and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring. I’ve enjoyed spending weekends selling at the Helping Hands Maker’s Market, it can sometimes be lonely working on your jewellery at home, so it is wonderful to meet up with other crafters, share ideas, and just see what else is out there, lots of beautiful items, it is difficult to resist buying everything. With each craft market I reviewed what worked and what didn’t work for me. One of the main issues I faced when I first started selling was the time it took to set up and how to display my jewellery. There is a lot of competition with lots of styles of handmade jewellery, so I needed to find a way to catch peoples attention.


One of the items I introduced was Joan my handmade mannequin, she added height and colour to the table. The other solution, that is cheap and has worked best for me is the large pin boards, I can pin jewellery to the boards the night before and wrap them up, it means I can take my time at home playing around with the arrangements. The above picture was taken at the last Helping Hands Maker’s Market and this is the Christmas themed table and I used the middle board to feature a Christmas promotion where I used an empty cracker as a gift box. Since my first craft market the range of jewellery has grown and I’ve had to find new ways to pack and transport the items not already on the boards. I designed my own jewellery cards, the first design was a clip art frame, the new design features my logo and it more simple allowing the jewellery to speak for itself. The cards are just printed out on regular white card on my printer at home and it does minimise the tangles and avoids having to use lots of little plastic bags, which is what I did when I first started selling. For 2013 I am going to make more of craft markets and will be trying some new ones in different locations to see how my jewellery does across the region. I’m looking forward to venturing out and meeting more new people. When I first started selling my jewellery I started selling on asos marketplace and I’ve continued to sell on the website, I’ve had lots of positive feedback from customers, and I continue to try and find the best way to photograph my jewellery and write descriptions. This I have to say for me is the boring bit of making and selling jewellery, I find it very time consuming and I haven’t added anything to my collection online for a long time as I’ve been focusing on craft markets. It is difficult to find a balance, between work, craft markets and listing items online, that doesn’t even factor in the time to make the items. I’ve finally found a style that works for me and hopefully moving forward into 2013 I will find a quicker more efficient way of cataloguing my jewellery to go online.



This year I also opened my shop on etsy, this hasn’t been as successful as I hoped and I will be reviewing what isn’t working for me. I love the freedom that it gives me to brand my shop and the stastics are great but I want to know why I’m not turning views into sales. I’ve also started experimenting with new crafts, I’ve made a lot of crochet items, jewellery, blankets, toys, flowers…




I’ve also just got a sewing machine so I will be expanding the Ava Kitsch brand for 2013, I’m also designing a website so here’s to an exciting 2013. Happy new year.


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