Who is Ava Kitsch?

Born in 1927 Ava has lived an amazing life, she has travelled the world twice looking for adventure. She is passionate, head strong, a force to be reckoned with and she doesn’t liike to take no for answer.

When Ava was just 15 she left the calm and tranquillity of the English countryside to travel with her brother. Dangerous times for a young woman to be travelling the world, but that made it all the more thrilling. She lived in India for 6 months, backpacking with a group of musicians and artists. Not content with staying in one place too long she made her way back across Russia and Europe. By the age of 19 she was living in Rome with her first husband, a passionate painter. He introduced her to the city and culture of Rome, showing her how to see the world, with it’s vivid colours, bold and bright, to appreciate the cacophony of sounds and the tantalizing smells. Ava stayed with him for only a short while, her love for him not as strong as her desire to explore everything and experience it all again with this new perspective.

Ava Kitsch is a woman not afraid of a challenge, she has climbed mountains, swam rivers and lakes, flown planes and hot air ballooned with a bee keeper and a King just to see the world from above. Life has been full for Ava Kitsch. Her life starting quietly in a sleepy English village, filled with the structure of boarding school and dull lessons, she ran as fast and as far out into the world as she could go.

Her fifth husband a war correspondent full of the same spirit and inquisitive nature was able to do what her other husbands hadn’t and that was slow her down long enough to appreciate the value of a single moment. To take in the beauty of what surrounded her and live in that moment as if it was an eternity. They travelled together, his work taking them into dangerous territories, Ava’s feisty and courageous nature always ready to help others, risking both life and limb, never wanting those around her to suffer, always knowing that home was wherever he was.

They travelled the world twice, living for a time in both North and South America, riding horse back across the west, spending some time on Broadway when she felt her heart being tugged back by the call of England. Now in her late eighties Ava is back living in England with her husband, after a life time of travel and adventure she has found the perfect place to rest a while. She can be found on warm summers days sitting under a large parasol with a red dragon design in her garden with her husband, sipping an old fashioned and living an eternity in a single moment.

Ava is an inspiring woman, sometime courageous, sometimes reckless, sometimes selfless but always adventurous and a risk taker. She inspires me everyday reminding me to enjoy the little things, not to take anything for granted and to always let my feet follow my heart.


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