Alice in Wonderland – the Anniversary

Did you know it’s been a whole century and a half since the first publication of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’? That’s a whole 150 years since a cast of characters were created that are still very much loved today. Here at AvaKitsch HQ, Alice is one of my most loved literary characters. Her adventure through Wonderland is one in which I often escape. I’ve tumbled down after the white rabbit, enjoyed tea with the Mad Hatter and his friends, and wondered where to wander. I’ve been mad (because we’re all mad in Wonderland), I’ve been curiouser (and curiouser) and I have been bonkers (as all the best people are). To celebrate this marvellous and magnificent birthday (and not an unbirthday), I’ve created a range of Alice in Wonderland necklaces, the inspiration for each coming from its most memorable quotes. Each necklace features a metal frame charm inset with a vintage inspired Alice stamp and accented with Alice themed charms. Each necklace is a one of a kind and entirely unique. Alice

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