So Why Ava Kitsch?

This is a question that I get asked a lot when I tell people the name of my business.

Why Ava Kitsch?

When I started my business I actually found it really hard to come up with a name, the reality is jewellery selling is very competitive, a lot of people make and sell jewellery and I wanted a name that would make my brand stand out.

I have a lot of design inspiration, I love the vintage, shabby chic designs, but I also like pretty floral patterns, bold colours, geometric shapes, Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Boho. You can see like my many jobs it can all be a bit confusing at times, especially when I want to develop a strong brand identity.

Before I started my business I had just discovered steampunk and fell in love with it straight away, I love that it is traditional and modern and eclectic all at the same time. I had been doing a lot of reading about steampunk including a fantastic book called The Steampunk Bible by Jeff Vandermeer and S.J. Chambers. This book is fantastic, especially if you are new to Steampunk. I knew then that I wanted a brand name that was more than just a collection of jewellery but could have been a living, breathing person.

Lot’s of people have commented that Ava Kitsch sounds like a woman from the 1920s and that makes me smile, because that is exactly what she is, a feisty, no nonsense woman with a great sense of style and an even greater sense of adventure. I wanted to create a brand with lots of personality, the original logo for Ava Kitsch was in fact a black and white female from the 1920s. Over the last couple of years I have played around with the logo, I’m still working on getting the branding right, it has more of a vintage travel theme which fits well I think with the range of jewellery I am currently making.

Although people struggle to spell Kitsch, I love the name, I love that it captures the imagination and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


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