In the Beginning

When the first was spoken it landed with a thud, flat and square in the dirt before melting with a crackle and dissolving into the air. The first word spoken had such an effect on the speaker that the second, third, fourth and fifth followed it in quick succession, thudding, crackling and fizzing into electrified air. These words filled the darkness with light, twisting and twirling and forming a complex narrative that spread out across time, like a patchwork quilt. Each voice adding something new, enriching it, making it vibrant and alive. And the shadows retreated, scattered by the light, the first word breathed hope, filling the world with light and life.
In the deepest recesses of the world the darkness remained and waited and watched, lying at the edges of the world, slowly creeping and seeping into the empty spaces, infecting the world, bringing with it fear and loneliness and pain. The darkness was patient and it reached out it’s spindly fingers touching ever soul until the darkness resided in everyone like a squatting toad.
In the dead of night the shadows awakened, stretching, uncurling and making the black night suffocating, tightening their grip on humanity. And the heavens weeped, turning their back on the world, each star swallowed by the darkness. In the inky blackness a single flame remained, a flicker of hope.


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