Made by Ava Crochet Butterfly Cuff Bracelet


So here is one of my completed chunky cuff bracelets, this is part of my Made by Ava range. I love designing quick crochet makes as I don’t have a lot of time and need projects that I can do when I have a cup of tea to unwind after a long day at work.

I also decided to do a cuff bracelet because it is great for using up small amount of wool that I have left over from larger projects. Recently I have fallen in love with Rico Design Creative Melange, this is a chunky multi coloured wool so each time I make a bracelet with this wool the bracelet is unique. I made this cuff bracelet as a pair so they can be worn as wrist warmers, great for keeping your wrists warm when you are typing.

My finishing touch to make this design extra special is this cute wooden butterfly button that I bought on a day trip to Tynemouth.

The pattern for this cuff bracelet will be available to buy soon from Etsy.
If you would like to buy Made by Ava crochet accessories they are available to buy from Boutique Bijoux in East Boldon.


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