Creating the Ava Kitsch Brand


Since starting my business in 2012 I have spent lots of time trying to create a distinctive brand identity. When I first started selling my handmade jewellery I had a black and white theme with a cropped photo of a women from the 20s. My original design was very basic looking and the handmade jewellery cards quickly became tatty. They didn’t stand very well, they would fly off in the wind, the worst day was an unexpected wet and windy day, all the ink ran and I had to replace all my packaging.
When I’m selling my jewellery at craft fairs and boutiques now, I package everything in these brown boxes, it looks more professional and I save time and money not having to replace damaged packaging. To give my Ava Kitsch Jewellery and Made by Ava brands a strong identity I use three colours, cream, brown and red, all my tags, boxes and bags are hand stamped. It can be time consuming but I wanted to maintain that handmade, personal feel of the brand. I’m still polishing the brand to get it just right but I’m much closer to how I want it to be to reflect the vintage inspired steampunk and boho ranges I have created.


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