My Little Confession


Writing a crochet pattern

This weekend will hopefully see the launch of my very own textiles brand Made by Ava on Etsy. I love to crochet and for the last few weeks I’ve been testing my patterns and turning them into pdf documents so they can be easily downloaded.

I’m really excited but also a little bit scared about my new project. I have really loved designing these patterns, but what if no one else likes my designs? When designing whether it is a pattern or a piece of jewellery I have a lot of things running through the back of my mind, I try to think about who will buy it, does it fit with my brand, the cost and time it will require, at some point though you just have to switch off. Those quiet thoughts at the back of your head can quickly become deafening shouts of self doubt. That is what has happened to me the last couple of weeks, those nagging questions, what if my designs aren’t good enough? What if I’m not good enough? Instead of just get my designs out there for the world to see I’ve held back, making excuses to myself.

So there is my confession, I’m a little bit scared taking the first step into the unknown and launching my new brand of crochet patterns and accessories, but it wouldn’t be an adventure otherwise. I love designing jewellery but I also really love crochet and the future possibilities are endless and exciting and I really don’t know what the future holds. Every great adventure starts with a first step, so this is mine, so this weekend will be the weekend, no more self doubt just beautiful designs.


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