When I first started making steampunk inspired jewellery, I took a simplistic approach.  With the few supplies I had sourced, I decreed by simply adhering an assortment of loose cogs and broken parts to a piece of pocket watch and hanging them from a standard 18″ inch chain, that would be enough to call it a steampunk necklace. Or add a pin fastened to the reverse and call it a brooch.

steampunk pocket watch brooch (1)


However, as my passion for steampunk and my creativity have grown (and not to mention my stash of findings and vintage pieces, I’ve realised I need to do more.

Take these 4 pendant pieces that I created way back when:

IMG_5186 copy


They were each designed to hang from a  standard length chain.  Basic, boring and although each unique, similar pieces can be found everywhere.  And that goes against Ava Kitsch’s mission statement.  So today I sat and I pondered and I sketched.  I arranged and rearranged, I made and dismantled.  I poured through every inch of my goodies stash until I came up with something stunning, spectacular and a little bit special.

IMG_5203 copy


Interspaced with vintage findings repurposed from broken pieces of jewellery, a statement necklace that is truly bespoke has been created.  Each time it is seen, something new is discovered.

IMG_5199 copy

IMG_5200 copy

IMG_5204 copy

Don’t forget to visit folksy.com/shops/AvaKitsch for more jewellery!





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