Crochet Doll Experiment


Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago I blogged about the first ever crochet doll I designed and made, my plan is to make another doll to test the pattern before I share it with you. I should have started it this weekend but I had some yarn leftover so I thought I would design another, smaller doll. It actually turned out bigger than I thought. I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with it yet.

I didn’t really have a plan before starting this new doll, and once the doll was made, before clothes and features my mam thought it looked like a boy. My only thought at this stage was the head looked a little small to me.


At this stage the doll has potential to be anything and I’m sure I will make another with this body, perhaps a slightly larger head though and the end result will be very different.

My next stage was to start designing clothes, I leave the face until the end, I don’t know why.


I thought it should have underwear.


The body for this doll is quite long, this was one of the reasons for the design of the trousers, I tried to make them look more like dungarees. The construction of the doll also determined a sleeveless top as I wanted to leave the buttons on the shoulders on show. I also had a load of wool cut to make the hair left over from another project. It was very time consuming to do the hair this way but I feel that it helped to make the head look more in proportion with the body.


So this is the end result, I still feel that there is something missing but I’ve ran out of time to do anymore with it, he has small boots and a fancy pocket and buttons now too.

I’ll get the pattern typed up and share it along with my other doll pattern. If you have any ideas that would improve him, leave a comment I would love to hear from you.


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