Behind the Scenes at Ava Kitsch HQ

Hello Friends,

I hope you are having a lovely Easter break, I’ve got a million things happening at home at the moment, we’ve started making some changes, finally getting around to decorating our stairs and third bedroom, this has resulted in me needing to have a good sort out of all my craft supplies.

A couple of summers ago I got my very own craft room built and I quickly filled it with all my jewellery making supplies, I then quickly filled it up some more with crochet supplies and then filled it up a bit more with clay making supplies. I love my craft room, it has a view over the garden, it has pictures and little bits that inspire me and it always makes me feel happy.

Yesterday I decided to collect together all my craft supplies that I had left upstairs, things that don’t relate directly to my business, I need to make space before decorating especially as the third bedroom used to be where I worked.

This was the result of collecting everything together.


Looking at this photo I am totally embarrassed, the floor is absolutely covered and I needed to make it fit some how. I decide to start making piles by craft type as a way of getting it sorted.

My main craft for my business is jewellery, crochet and clay, but this mess included all my art supplies, card making and sewing too along with my big bags of marking for my day job.

It was great getting everything sorted, a real journey of discovery, I’ve got so many ribbons, threads and sewing needles I won’t be buying them for a while. I have loads of blank cards and paper supplies which I’m going to use up one rainy day making cards for my family and friends.

So here is a quick tour around my completed Ava Kitsch HQ.

First stop on the tour is my bookcase, this used to have loads of crochet bits, books and other craft kits, it is now the home of all my craft books and sewing kits with a box of glass painting stuff sneaking in there.


I had sewing stuff all over the house, now it is down to three boxes, I’m really excited to see all this together, I can’t wait to get started on making things with it.


Next stop is my new mini bookcase to help me store just some of my crochet stuff, I mostly do this in the living room so have a bag with my wip next to me. Who am I kidding I have yarn everywhere but it is difficult to control, it really does have a mind of it’s own.


Mostly this is a space for magazines and kits, I have pretty boxes for my yarn just outside my workroom so it is neat and tidy and not too far away.

Next stop is my chair that is currently to full to sit on.


I like to sit here when it is warm and my yarn bowl is currently under this chair, that is The Flash sitting in the middle waiting to be finished.

Continuing the tour this is my everyday home for my jewellery making and clay making supplies this is mostly what I need for running my business.


Just peeking out at the end is my now organised craft market props and stock, including a box of Made by Ava crochet accessories.

The final stop on the tour is my desk. I love that this is my space, I like to surround myself with cute and quirky things that will help me feel creative.


I try not to clutter it up too much, but I have a lot of essential items amongst my inspirational personal things.




Here is a little bonus, with it being a conservatory there is a lot of windows so on the little space I have I like to stick postcards.


So there you go a quick tour around Ava Kitsch HQ, thank you for stopping by and reading. If you would like to know more about Ava Kitsch Jewellery and Gifts send me a message.


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