Craft Market Disaster

Hello Friends,

Well it has been one of those weekends. I thought this year I would try something different, I’ve waited until May to start selling at craft fairs and markets as past experiences have taught me that I get very few sales in the months after Christmas. I have booked 5 outdoor markets at Harton Quays in my home town, I’ve sold here before later in the summer and it was a really good market so I’m hopeful that these markets will be good too but the first market was disastrous.

If you live in the UK you will know that the last couple of weeks the weather has been terrible, rain, wind, snow, sun, hail and that summarises just an hour over the last fortnight, but I was hopeful, Saturday was a beautiful spring day and Sunday was overcast but dry, until we arrived at the market and the rain started.

Harton Quays market have really good event organisers and we were offered a space inside the Customs House when we arrived but we made the decision to set up outside, my mam was helping me and selling some of her folded book hedgehogs and mice so we wanted a bit more space. The gazebo was brand new and yet to be tested, my second mistake of the morning. It was easy to assemble, it was a bit windy but we tied it down and I went to the car to get some boxes, I returned 5 minutes later to find out that my poor mam had to be rescued along with the gazebo as the wind caught it. A snapped bracket and a split pole was not going to deter us. The side panels were for a different gazebo and there was only 2 of them, we needed 3, we decided to cut one in half, the scissors broke but we were determined to make this work. Finally after snipping with my jewellery pliers and much pulling we got the panel in half, but now they were to short, the wind was getting up and the rain getting heavier.

We abandoned the gazebo and the event organiser was able to squeeze us inside the venue but it really was a squeeze in front of the out of service lift so we had to carry all our boxes up 2 floors. There wasn’t space for me behind the stall so I was just left wandering about, trying my best to help visitors find the stalls. Sellers were now split between 3 locations so the market was very slow and the rain put a lot of people off. We had a few sales and staff at the Customs House and the organisers did a wonderful job but you really can’t plan for weather. I’m hoping that our next venture outside will be warmer and less wet and windy.


I forgot to mention, my new trolley lost a couple of nuts after I forgot to tighten them and I had to retrieve them from the cobble stones and my car didn’t want to start either. It was just one of those days, I love working with my mam as we can just have a good laugh about it.


2 thoughts on “Craft Market Disaster

    1. Thank you, after the initial bumpy start we had a few sales, considering the weather and that we were all spread out it does make me hopeful for the other events, hopefully with better weather.

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