Why I started a business

The Story of Ava Kitsch

So you want to know why I started a business? Well much like our favourite fairy tales I will start at the beginning and finish at the end.

Like Spiderman I was bitten by a radioactive spider… wait hang on a minute… that is the wrong story.

The Beginning

You want to know more about Ava Kitsch, so let’s start with me as a kid.  I was obsessed with making things and playing with my dolls and my dollhouse handcrafted by my Dad. Most of us grow up and grow out of such things and for a while I did.  I became a grown up. I put away childish things and got a proper job as a Business Studies lecturer. Teaching is a rewarding vocation but it leaves little time for anything else. I was learning all the time, but there was still this niggle – a part of my wanting to create, make and play.


The Middle

I’m so lucky that I grew up in a creative household. Both my parents are incredible at making things. They continue to nurture that creativity in their children even though we’ve grown up. My favourite childhood memory involves making homemade paper. The squish of paper pulp is satisfying between your fingers.

I had worked so hard to get my first teaching position. It is exciting to be teaching a subject you are passionate about. My little mam gave me some great advice that I ignored for a long time “don’t lose yourself”.

For me being creative is not just a nice thing to do on a rainy afternoon it is part of who I am. I found myself longing for days that I could make something.


From Buttons to Business

You will soon discover that I love fairy tales and tales of escape such as Alice and Wonderland. I have an eclectic style and this is reflected in the jewellery I make, but Alice in Wonderland started it all. My mam brought me back a present from Edinburgh; some clock buttons that she thought I might like. I loved them and I started to wonder what I could do with them. The holidays ended and the buttons went away and the grown up work came back out. Those buttons were put away for a long time until I decided what I wanted to do with them. I decided I wanted to make and Alice in Wonderland inspired brooch. My mam and dad didn’t realise that those buttons would be the start of an amazing journey and the start of Ava Kitsch.

I ordered my supplies and retrieved my jewellery making tools from the back of the cupboard.  I started to feel that hum of creativity as I made earrings, necklaces and bracelets. And the more I wore these pieces, the more people commented on them.  And I wondered… what could I do with all that I had made?  So  these few buttons grew to a small collection of jewellery to my own shop on ASOS marketplace. And so Ava Kitsch was born.

I had the opportunity to make a change and start a new adventure. My teaching role was no longer the same job I had started so I made the leap to something new. I still teach part time and this has given me the time to be creative and start my own creative business.


So Sam, why is it called Ava Kitsch?

Wait a minute I hear you say …  you are wondering why did I call it Ava Kitsch? Well that is simple my friend, I wanted my jewellery to have a personality of its own. Strong, independent, adventurous just like Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. More than that though I also wanted it to be fun and playful. We spend far too much time worrying and not enough time having fun. Ava Kitsch is that fun free spirit inside of you waiting to play – just like when we were kids.

If you would like to know more I always love answering questions and having chats.  Tweet me, send me a message on Facebook or send me an email. Remember just because we’re growing old doesn’t mean we have to be ready to grow up just yet. There’s always a rabbit hole awaiting an adventure…




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