POW Bib Necklace Tutorial

Hi everyone, I’m Sam, owner and designer for Ava Kitsch. I want to share my passion for jewellery design, textiles and upcycling with you.

Use this tutorial to design your very own bib necklace. Once you’ve learnt the technique, start experimenting with your own designs. I would love to see what you make so don’t forget to share using the #avaDIY.


What you will need

  • A4 paper to make you necklace template
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue suitable for felt
  • Needle and thread to sew buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • 2 sheets of felt
  • Wool or embroidery thread to finish your design.


Step 1

Fold the piece of paper in half so your design will be symmetrical and draw the outline for your bib necklace.

To make the POW design draw a spiky design.

Make sure your collar is the same width or a little bit wider than your ribbon.

Cut around your shape.

This may take a couple of attempts to get right so it is best to practice with the paper before moving onto the felt.

Top Tip

Experiment with different shapes to create your own unique bib necklace design.

Laminate your paper bib template, it will be easier to draw around and you can use it again in the future.


Step 2

Once you are happy with the bib template lay it over the felt and draw around it.

You will need 2 cut two pieces of felt.

The first piece of felt is the front and you will sew your design onto it.

The second piece of felt is the back. We will glue this to piece one to hide all the stitches. This will give your bib necklace a neater finish.

Top Tip

If your two pieces of felt aren’t an exact match don’t worry. After gluing them together you can trim the edges so they match.


You could do a simple version of this necklace by gluing the buttons onto the felt rather than sewing them. Sewing will make your necklace more durable, it will take longer to make but will last longer.


Step 3

Before sewing your buttons lay out the design you want.

To make the POW design smaller buttons work best.

Top Tip

Lift each button and use a pen to draw a dot on the felt. This will make sewing your button design easier. Check the spacing often to ensure your design is working. You can see that I’ve ended up with a wonky W at the end because I didn’t do this often enough.


If you are using this techniques to make your own design then any buttons will work. You could add patches, pieces of broken jewellery, scraps of fabric and ribbon, go with the creative flow and see where it takes you.

Step 4

Decide how long you want your ribbon .

You might want to leave your ribbon longer to make a big bow or shorter to make a knot.

Top Tip

If your stitches are messy sew a button over the top, it will make it look much neater.


Step 5

Turn your bib necklace over and cover the back with glue.

I love Dovecraft Silicone Glue because it doesn’t soak into the felt and it stays flexible.

Wait for the glue to dry before moving onto the final stage.

Top Tip

Test your glue on a piece of scrap felt first to ensure it is suitable for felt so it won’t ruin your finished design.


Step 6

At this stage you can see if you need to trim around the edges a little to tidy up the final design.I used DK yarn to create this simple blanket stitch to finish the edges of your design.I decided to use a bright contrasting colour to make the POW pop.

Need help sewing a blanket stitch? Click here for a simple YouTube tutorial from Red Tab Art.

If you would like to download a pdf booklet for this tutorial click here to download from Dropbox.

I hope you have fun making this bib necklace. If you need any help just leave me a comment.



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