Tutorial: Decoupaged Toy Box


I’ve recently acquired some new furniture which unfortunately means something old just has to go.  But you know me, I refuse to throw anything away.  So instead I’m going to give it a little face lift before finding it a new home.


I present my rather boring/plain/devoid of any character toy box.  But not for much longer. With a little patience and a lot of PVA, this is going to be the envy of every other toy box that ever was.

What you’ll need:

  • toy box
  • assorted papers
  • sandpaper
  • PVA
  • glue spreader
  • scissors/paper trimmer
  • newspaper if working indoors

1.If you’re working indoors, then I strongly suggest laying some old newspaper down under your toy box and surrounding area.

2. Clean your toy box.  This one has accumulated a bit of dust and grime.  Give it a good once over with a damp cloth, then make sure it’s dry before moving onto step 3.

3. Give the surface you’re going to cover a light sand to give it a ‘key’.  The rough finish will help your glue to adhere more securely.  Give another rub down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dust so that you’ll have a nice smooth finish when you apply the paper.

4. Now for the fun bit where we get all creative.  Collect together your assorted papers. I’m using craft paper stock, buy you can go crazy.  You can use anything that will stick: wrapping paper, wallpaper, take away menus…the list goes on.


5. I’m going for a patchwork pattern, so this is bit is a tad bit time consuming.  And as I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I’m going to do a dry run to make sure I’m happy with the layout.

TOP TIP: take a quick pic of your layout before you start gluing so you can use it as a reference if any of your pieces of paper get moved around.

6. Now messy time.  Using PVA (white school glue) and a spreader, paste the reverse of your paper and smooth down onto your box.  And repeat until your box is covered.  As simple as that.

7. Leave to dry.  Very important.  You want to make sure all your edges are stuck down securely and your paper is thoroughly dried before moving onto the next step.  I left mine overnight, just to be extra extra sure.  And this gives your plenty of time to sit and peel all that dried PVA off your hands.

8. Now to protect your masterpiece.  Coat your papered areas with at least 2 layers of PVA, ensuring you allow the first layer to dry before applying the next.  And voila, one revamped toy box!




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