Getting ready for the new Jarrow Market

Craft Market Preparation

This Sunday (16th October) I am selling at a brand new market in Jarrow, Jarrow Stalls @ The Viking Centre. It is an exciting opportunity to support other local businesses and meet lots of new people. We are expecting a great turnout for this event so I want to be prepared.

Getting ready for craft markets can be time consuming. I try to build up a buffer of stock but this has been running low after a successful summer selling at Harton Quays.

If you want to find out why I love Harton Quays you can read about it here.

On Friday I got an exciting delivery of gift boxes for my jewellery. I try to order these in bulk so I will have enough boxes for my jewellery for future markets. I don’t want to run out of stock at a market, this would be terrible. This weekend my craft market preparations include a lot of extra tasks because of my special delivery. I also wanted to use this weekend as an opportunity to get ready for my upcoming Christmas markets too.


After unpacking all my boxes the next step is to write my website on the back of all the boxes. I have got a stamp and this would be easier but I like the personal touch. It is important to me that people buying my jewellery know that each product, including the packaging is made with love.


I have experimented  a lot with creating my brand. The next stage of getting my boxes ready for market is hand stamping them. Each box is slightly different making them unique. I stamp them in batches, I love how they look when they are finished but stamping over 100 boxes is boring.


I have been feeling super creative recently so I already have 40 pairs of earrings made ready for their new boxes.


Essential Craft Market Kit

  • Cash tin – plenty of change
  • Carrier bags
  • Mirror
  • Table Cloth
  • Banner
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • String
  • Blue Tack
  • Price Tags
  • Bottle of Water
  • Tissues
  • Plasters

I have a lot to set up so I have a box of props I use on the stall and an A and B box for stock. Box A goes on the table and box B is used to replenish sold stock. I still have some finishing off to do but most of this week will be focused on marketing so people will know where to find me.


What do you do to get ready for craft markets? What is in your essential craft market kit?


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