Go Wild Top 3 Picks for Autumn

As the season changes and we move from the heat of Summer into the cooler weather of Autumn (my favourite season) it is definitely time for a wardrobe update.

I love exploring the new trends. This year I’ve been on a bit of a mission to step out of my comfort zone and ditch the dark colours that usually dominate my wardrobe. There are so many cool trends for this new season.

The first trend that I’m loving is all the different animal prints.

Here are my top 3 picks from Sainsbury Tu.

  • Animal Print Jumper


Tu 1


I love this jumper, it isn’t cold enough for bulky knitwear, this looks perfect though for the cooler weather, I love the shorter sleeves and I think this would be perfect for work or the weekend.

You could dress this jumper up with a gold safety pin necklace.

Safety Pin Necklace
Safety Pin Necklace
  • Animal Print Blouse
Tu 2

I love the colour of this shirt, I would probably dress this up with a skirt and some boots for date night. I also think this would look great with some skinny ripped jeans and a leather biker jacket.

You could make this blouse look a  bit more punk by adding a big statement necklace.

Punk Necklace
Statement Kitsch Punk Necklace
  • Black Cheetah Skirt
Tu 3

I know I said I was trying to avoid dark colour but this is such a fun print. This would be a great skirt for the weekend for shopping with the girls or a trip to the cinema.

Add a playful necklace to this outfit. This cat necklace is printed using a 3D printer. A great accessory that is also a real conversation piece.

Cat Necklace
3D printed Cat Necklace

What are your favourite trends for the new season?

What do you think of my top 3 picks from Sainsbury TU?





Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween?

Hi everyone, it is definitely starting to feel more like Autumn with the nights getting darker and the chill in the air.

Halloween is just around the corner and here at Ava Kitsch HQ we are busy getting ready for the big day.

To help you plan your party outfits I’ve put together my top Halloween jewellery picks. You can check out the collection here

Highlights include some awesome Nightmare Before Christmas necklaces.

Nightmare Before Christmas

As an extra treat, I’ve also got a discount code for you to save 10% off any item purchased from my Folksy Shop. Use the code SPOOKY10 to save 10% at the checkout.


I would love to hear from you. Are you going to a Halloween party? Does it have a theme? What will you be getting dressed up as?

Happy Halloween x

Are you ready for Autumn?

I love October, it is probably one of my favourite months in the entire year.

The weather is starting to feel cooler which is a relief after the hot summer. The leaves are starting to change colour and it is finally jumper weather.

Which is your favourite month?

Another reason for loving October is Halloween is just around the corner and Christmas (yes, I know, the ‘C’ word) is just hovering on the horizon.

This week I’ve had a little browse on www2.hm.com and found some beautiful clothes and accessories that would be perfect for Autumn.

My first choice is this textured weave jacket. This style of jacket is everywhere at the moment. I love the 80s vibe it is a classic design and is great for matching with jeans or wearing for work. It is also a great jacket as we transition from summer into the cooler Autumn months.


H&M Jacket
Source: www2.hm.com


Match this jacket with a unique accessory, go with an oversized Bow Brooch. This could be worn on your jacket or used to add a bit of Gothic Victorian charm to your outfit.


Large Oversized Statement Black Bow Silver Charm Brooch Pin


My second choice is this beautiful dress. I do love a great black dress, definitely a must for any wardrobe. This dress would be perfect for grown-up Halloween parties but thinking ahead this dress would also be beautiful for Christmas parties.


H&M Dress


You could match this dress with a truly unique accessory. I love the little details on this choker, the vintage photos make it really interesting.


Chocker 1



My final choice is some really good boots. I love boots with a nice bit of grippage. H&M have some really great boots this season.


H&M Boots
Source: www2.hm.com


If you want a cute accessory to create that gothic look then take a look at this beautiful ribbon and lace choker.


Source: https://folksy.com/shops/AvaKitsch


Bonus Find

If you are planning ahead and getting yourself ready for Halloween check out this awesome dress from H&M. It won’t break the bank, it’s simple, stylish and fun.


What would be your perfect Halloween outfit?


H&M Halloween
Source: www2.hm.com


Top 3 Animal Print Picks from New Look

There are some great trends this season, my favourite for September continues to be animal print.

New Look has a lot of choice for animal print so it was really hard to narrow my choices down to just three.

My first choice is this beautiful rust colour shirt.

Source: http://www.newlook.com

I really like that you can wear this shirt for work , a great shirt to transition from day to evening. You could pair it with some skinny jeans and boots for a great weekend look.

You could match this on trend shirt with some statement earrings. This pair of earrings combines owls with steampunk styling. A great accessory to wear in the Autumn to add a bit of fun and glamour to your outfit.

Pick two is this really great scarf. You can never have too many scarves and they are a great accessory for layering up as the weather is still so unpredictable.

Source: http://www.newlook.com

The perfect accessory to match with this glamorous scarf is these gold pineapple green bead earrings. This season is all about bold accessories, really fantastic statement pieces that will get you noticed.

My final pick is this super cute zebra print jumper. I just love the bold print. Jumpers are great for adding extra layers, this is the perfect jumper for date night.

Source: http://www.newlook.com

Add a splash of colour to this jumper with some funky accessories. Turquoise is a great colour to add a bit of boho chic to your animal print.

Which is your favourite animal print this Autumn

I would love to hear from you. Let me know in the comment section.

The Great Plastic Debate Part II: The Final Tally

My week of collecting my plastic waste has come to an end, and I have to say that I’m both shocked and appalled.


There it is.  The big reveal.  In a meagre 7 days, I’ve managed to acquire:

  • 11 plastic bags (carrier and packaging)
  • 18 bottles
  • 27 food packaging
  • 4 envelopes with bubble wrap lining
  • 1 tablet strip
  • 1 razor blade case
  • 9 protective air pockets from packaging
  • 9 miscellaneous items

Let’s do the maths.  Single handedly I’ve used 80 pieces of plastic.  80 pieces in 7 days.  That’s an average of just over 11 pieces of plastic used only once for every day of the week.  That’s madness.

I always thought I was quite good at saying no to plastic, that although unavoidable as it is I always manage to minimise what I use.  How wrong I was.  Apparently the fact that I take my own cotton totes when I go shopping doesn’t mean I avoid plastic carrier bags.  When I’m offered free bags I take them (and it seems more often than I realised).  Plastic bottles are an issue that I have thus far managed to avoid dealing with.  I don’t drink enough fluids, and having plastic bottles are handy for me, as I grab one and can leave it to come back to, having them dotted everywhere in the house and the car.  They’re handy.  Too handy it would seem.  I knew that food packaging would be a biggy.  It’s hard to say no to when it is literally on every supermarket shelf.  But that big?  That’s a lot of plastic, and a lot of it unnecessary.  Oversized to say the least, more air than food.  Tut tut, food manufacturers.

And let’s be honest, 80 probably isn’t the real number here.  I was conscious of the task in hand and therefore I know there were times when I deliberately avoided plastic (especially near the end of the week when bags of waste were overflowing and the guilt started to hit).  So let’s add another 10 to that number and call it 90.  And for total honesty and any incidentals (there’s probably plastic I’ve thrown away without even considering it, I know I wore two plasters this week and the packaging for them is not in this pile) let’s call it 100.  100 is my number.  In 7 days I would have sent 100 pieces of plastic to landfill, to our oceans.  I would have had the best of intentions, recycling where I could.  But as my research has shown that doesn’t always mean they’re going to get recycled – only 9% gets a second chance.  9 pieces of my plastic.  9 out of 100.

So let’s try to do something about that.  Let’s take the single use out of single use plastic and be responsible for our own recycling.  Follow me as I attempt to put the fantastic back into plastic, donning my cape of creativity to transform my trash into treasure.



The Great Plastic Debate

Our habitual use of single use plastic is an issue that has come to the forefront.  According to The United Nations Environment Programme, we globally use over 300 million tonnes of plastic each year, with only 9% of that actually been recycled (nationalgeographic.com).  A staggering 79% of plastic ends its life in landfills, and according to nationalgeographic.com, it inevitably reaches our oceans.

Image result for single use plastic

(courtesy of change.org)

The solution would be for us to stop using single use plastics, but that can be a hard thing to do.  It’s everywhere; from the food we eat, to the clothes we buy to the post we get through our door.  So I’ve been thinking: what if we took the ‘single use’ out of single use plastics and instead reuse and repurpose?  It has been a mission statement of mine since I began making jewellery 6 years ago to stop what I could from going to landfill, and now it’s time to apply that ethos to everyday life.

The Plan

 I’m going to collect all of my plastic waste for 1 week.  At the end of that week, I hope with a little creativity (and probably a lot of pinterest, I’m not going to lie), let’s see if I can transform my trash into treasure and stop at least a little bit more plastic from polluting our oceans.

Easter Bunny Pom Pom Picture Decorations

IMG_9424 copy

The Easter Bunny is about to pay a visit, and what better way to get ready than with these very cute bunny rabbit pom pom pictures.

What you’ll need:

IMG_9409 copy

  • picture frames (glass removed)
  • scrapbook papers
  • coloured paper/card
  • pom poms
  • pritt stick
  • hot glue gun
  • pencil
  • scissors

Step 1

Select your background paper.  I found this pretty paper in my stash and with its bright blue sky and pretty flowers it’s perfect for Spring.  Cut to size.

IMG_9411 copy

Step 2

Select a coloured paper/card for your Easter Bunnies.  I’m using glitter card stock to add a little bit of bling.

Step 3

Draw and cut out one large circle for the body, a smaller circle for the head and two ears.  Cut off a section of the larger circle so you have a straight edge.

IMG_9414 copy

Step 4

*please be careful with hot glue*

Assemble your Easter Bunny onto your background paper, using the pritt stick to stick the pieces down.  Use the hot glue to attach the pom pom tail to the bottom of the large circle.

IMG_9424 copy

These are so cute, I made one large and two smaller and made them the centrepiece of my Easter/Spring display.  These would also look super cute in a nursery!

Mickey Mouse Decorative Birdhouse

Decorate your very own Mickey Mouse inspired birdhouse with this easy 4 step tutorial!

IMG_8285 copy

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden bird house (I found mine at The Works)
  • Black paint
  • Red paint
  • White paint
  • Yellow paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black foam
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

IMG_8269 copy

Step 1

Paint your birdhouse.  I painted the base yellow for Mickey’s shoes, the middle red for his shorts and the top black to represent his head and body.  I painted the windows white to symbolise the buttons on his shorts.

IMG_8271 copy

IMG_8274 copy

Step 2

Cut out 2 circles from the black foam.

IMG_8277 copy

Step 3

Cut a slice from the bottom of each circle so that they will sit flush to the roof of the birdhouse.

IMG_8278 copy

Step 4

Attach the ears to the roof of the birdhouse using a hot glue gun.

Please be careful when using the glue gun as it can get very hot!

IMG_8287 copy

Voila! One very cute Mickey Mouse birdhouse.  This would make a great gift for any Disney fan (which means I’m keeping this one for myself!)

IMG_8285 copy


101 Dalmatians Light Up Canvas

IMG_8098 copy

This is such a quick and easy DIY, you’ll be making them for everyone!

What you’ll need:

IMG_8084 copy

  • Deep edge canvas
  • Fairy lights
  • Pencil
  • Black felt tip
  • Black fine liner
  • Sellotape

Step 1

IMG_8087 copy

Draw your design onto your canvas using a pencil.  You can find a downloadable version of mine here: dalmatian drawingdalmatian

Step 2

IMG_8088 copy

When you’re happy with your design, go over your pencil marks with a fine liner.  This will prevent your felt tip from bleeding on the canvas.

Step 3

IMG_8089 copy

Colour in your design with your black felt tip.

Step 4

IMG_8099 copy

On the reverse of your canvas, arrange the fairy lights and sellotape the wires in place.  Remember to leave the switches for your battery box accessible.

IMG_8098 copyVoila!  One light up cute as a button Dalmatian canvas!

Mickey Mouse Notebook DIY

Everyone loves Disney, and with this quick and easy DIY, you can make your very own Mickey Mouse notebook!

IMG_8077 copy

What you’ll need:

  • 1x sheet A4 black card
  • 12x sheets of white printer paper
  • 1x A5 red paper
  • 2x white buttons
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Thread
  • Craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Double sided tape
  • Glue

IMG_8067 copy

Step 1

Fold the sheet of black card in half.

Step 2

Cut the red paper so that it fits the bottom half of your folded black card and attach with double sided tape.

IMG_8068 copy

Step 3

Fold all of the white sheets of paper in half, and stack one inside the other.

IMG_8069 copy

IMG_8071 copy

Step 4

Place the black card at the back of your folded paper.

Step 5

Measure 4 cms from the top and make a hole (I used a drawing pin) and the same at 6cms.  Do this from the bottom too.  Using the darning needle and thread, sew through the holes at the top and tie off.  Repeat at the bottom.

IMG_8081 copy

Step 6

Close your notebook.  You’ll notice the pages stick out.  Don’t worry, simply cut away the excess with your craft knife and ruler.  Be careful as the knife is sharp, and protect your surface underneath.

Step 7

Glue the buttons to the red paper on the front.  Voila!

IMG_8077 copy

I also made a Minnie Mouse notebook, using the same method.  For this book, I used half the size of red card and decorated with white circles.  I also added a bow, (found here http://eng.ohmyfiesta.com/2013/10/minnie-heads-and-bows-free-printables.html).

IMG_8075 copy

You could make this in a smaller size to make a cute autograph book for your next trip to Disneyland!