Monday Night Hello

Hello Friends,

I thought I would do a quick blog post before I get back to my mountain of marking.

Between April and June the days just pass by in a blur and this is normally the time of year I have the most ideas but I have the least amount of time to spend working on my business.To add to my crazy work schedule we also have a lot going on at home, lots of walls being plastered ready for decorating when I have some time, probably over the summer.

It can be a real juggling act to try and balance my business, my part time jobs, my family and make time for a quick cuppa, I will admit I love to work, I love being productive and feeling like I’ve accomplished something, I think that is why I like jewellery making and crochet so much, I can see the progress of my work.

I have my first craft fair just around the corner so I have lots of preparation to do. It is an outside event so I have a gazebo to test and I need to get the layout and design of my stall organised, I try to change the props and add a bit more excitement. This year I’m introducing some new crochet products alongside my jewellery so I need to work out how everything works together. I will post more about this next harton quays 2016

I’m also working on my Travelling Ava Project, I was working on a present for my friend last week so haven’t had much time to work on her. I have sketched her outfit but I need to write the pattern and I’m thinking about changing her mouth too, I think it needs to be a little bit darker and a little bit higher.

Hair 1 - Short Bob

I recently shared the hairstyle choices on Facebook and Twitter, Twitter has been mostly short bob, Facebook has mostly been long bob. Which do you think looks better?

I’ve got lots of patterns to type up and share and I have my idea for my next project to start work on after Travelling Ava is launched officially in June, I will give you a little teaser that it is crochet related and goes baa.

Anyway I better get back to work lots to do, I would love to hear from you though, don’t be a stranger, x.