Magnetic Peg Board DIY

Here’s a quick DIY to transform some cute pegs into magnetic clips for a simple yet stylish inspiration board.


What you’ll need:

  • Metal board (this one is from IKEA)
  • Magnetic photo paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wooden pegs (these are from Poundland)


Step 1:

Using your peg as a guide, cut your magnetic photo paper to size.


Step 2:

Glue the magnetic strip to the back of your peg.  Remember to glue the right side down (magnetic side showing).  Allow to dry.


And you’re good to go!  I displayed some of my favourite things on mine to cheer me up when I get a bit stressed!




My Little Confession


Writing a crochet pattern

This weekend will hopefully see the launch of my very own textiles brand Made by Ava on Etsy. I love to crochet and for the last few weeks I’ve been testing my patterns and turning them into pdf documents so they can be easily downloaded.

I’m really excited but also a little bit scared about my new project. I have really loved designing these patterns, but what if no one else likes my designs? When designing whether it is a pattern or a piece of jewellery I have a lot of things running through the back of my mind, I try to think about who will buy it, does it fit with my brand, the cost and time it will require, at some point though you just have to switch off. Those quiet thoughts at the back of your head can quickly become deafening shouts of self doubt. That is what has happened to me the last couple of weeks, those nagging questions, what if my designs aren’t good enough? What if I’m not good enough? Instead of just get my designs out there for the world to see I’ve held back, making excuses to myself.

So there is my confession, I’m a little bit scared taking the first step into the unknown and launching my new brand of crochet patterns and accessories, but it wouldn’t be an adventure otherwise. I love designing jewellery but I also really love crochet and the future possibilities are endless and exciting and I really don’t know what the future holds. Every great adventure starts with a first step, so this is mine, so this weekend will be the weekend, no more self doubt just beautiful designs.

New Arrivals for Spring 2013

We have been very busy making lots of lovely new jewellery this Easter. We have lots of lovely new items at just for you.


We have beautiful new earrings starting from £3.50


We have a fantastic new range of kitsch rings from the Mad Hatter Emporium including vintage button rings.


We also have steampunk inspired pieces.


We also have a range of beautiful necklaces. Come and check out my handmade jewellery

Glass and Ceramic Beads


I love to use beads when making jewellery, I like to buy mixed lots as you never know what you are going get and I love the challenge that this presents when designing a new piece of jewellery. These necklaces were made today and will soon be available to buy on asos marketplace

Craft Markets


I love selling to the public, meeting other sellers and being able to get immediate feedback on my jewellery is invaluable. One of the challenges when preparing for the craft market is thinking about how your products will look on the day. I try to vary my display each time I’m selling sometimes this is out of necessity because of the size of the venue and the size of the table. I also like to vary the display so customers don’t get bored, especially if you sell at the same craft market all the time. I’m still very new to selling at craft markets and it has been trial and error putting together the props that work for me when displaying the jewellery, I need to be able to set up quickly and I don’t want to have to carry lots of heavy stands with me. The pin boards have been a great investment and have allowed me to assemble part of my display in advance making setting up easier.

Inspired Idea


I love this new card stock and had so many ideas of how to adapt it and use it. The first idea was tn add it to a bracelet I have made, i’m also going to try turning it into a brooch. My latest idea is to use it to add interest to my displays at sales as it has a lovely kitsch vintage feel.