Valentine’s Day Gift Tutorial


At Ava Kitsch HQ, I’m busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day.  Here’s a quick DIY tutorial to make your very own Valentine’s Day gift.

What you’ll need:

  • photo frame (mine’s from IKEA)
  • red card or thick paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • glue
  • letter stamps and ink pad
  • small key charm


Step 1

Remove the backing and glass from your frame.  Draw around the glass on the red card and cut out.


Step 2

Stamp on the message “YOU HAVE THE             TO MY HEART”.  Remember to leave the gap so you can add your key.


Step 3

Glue the key charm into place and allow to dry.


Step 4

Reassemble into your frame.  Depending on the frame you use, the glass may not fit back in, but it looks great without too!


Wrap in some cute paper and gift with a card and some chocs and you’re S.O will definitely be feeling the love this Valentine’s Day!




Tis the Season to be Crafty

Handmade Santa Gift Tags


I love Christmas because it’s the perfect excuse to get crafty!  I’ve already shown you how to make your own gift wrap, now to accessorise!  And what better way than with these Santa head gift tags.  They’re so cute and full of character.  I used a cuttlebug and the X Cut circle nesting dies, but you can just as easily make these with things you probably already have around the house.

What you’ll need:


  • White card
  • Pink paper
  • Red glitter card
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Tea light (to draw around)
  • AA battery (to draw around)

Step 1


On the white card, draw around the inside of the roll of double sided sticky tape and cut out.

Step 2


On the pink paper, draw around your tea light and cut out.  With double sided sticky tape, attach to the white circle as shown.

Step 3


Draw around the tea light on the white card and cut out, then fold and cut in half.  Attach as shown.

Step 4


Draw around the battery on the red glitter card.  Cut out and attach to your face.

Step 5


Cut out triangle from the glitter card and attach to the top of the head.  Make a trim using the white card, and using the battery as a template cut out a pom pom.  Attach to the hat.

Step 6

Finally, draw on the eyes.


And hey presto, one very cute Santa gift tag.  You can also use these as Christmas card toppers, a garland or even hang from your tree!





No Sew T-Shirt Vest Bag


Has your favourite vest shrunk in the wash?  Or stretched out of all proportions?  Don’t bin it just yet – give it a second life with this super quick and ridiculously easy bag tutorial.

What you’ll need:


  • Old vest made from t-shirt material
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure

For this tutorial, you can style your bag one of two ways – knots inside or knots outside.  For knots inside, turn your top inside out before cutting.  

What to do:

Step 1


Lay your vest out on a flat surface, ensuring your front and back hems are matching.

Step 2


At 1 inch intervals, cut up from the bottom 2.5 inches all the way along.  Remember to also cut up the side seams.


Step 3

Take the first tab on the top and the corresponding bottom tab.  Knot right over left, then left over right, ensuring to pull tight.


Step 4

Repeat all the way along.


And voila! One finished shopper bag, saving yourself 5p next time you hit the supermarket.


Why I Love Harton Quays Craft Market

The 1st Sunday of every month, you can find my Ava Kitsch Jewellery stall at Harton Quays Craft Market. Situated at the Custom’s House, the craft fair runs along the riverside. It plays host to a hugely talented array of local crafters. From original paintings, to hand crafted jewellery (courtesy of yours truly), to cakes and dog treats; you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your loved ones, of even for yourself (we all deserve a little cheeky pick-me-up). And don’t forget your four legged friends are more than welcome to have a little meander as you shop.
Today I had the pleasure to photograph some of the goodies on offer and I can’t wait to share them with you. I hope to see you at our next market in August!
Here’s my stall, in all it’s glory:


And now that’s enough shameless self-promotion, here’s a taste of what else is on offer:

Pallet Earth Cupcake and Co

Peter Avery 

wood u like 

Stateside Treat Emporium

Groundworks South Tyneside and Newcastle

Driftwood Pens

The Book Lady

Muddy Fingers Pottery


Joca’s Secrets

Bear and Bibi’s Barkery

Happy Moo Hagglin’ Hags Handicrafts

AJ Designs


 The Cake Fairies



And finally, me perfecting the Ava Kitsch workout as I attempt to stop the Gazebo blowing away. I worked off that cheeky cupcake anyway!

Upcycling and Repurposing

Ava Kitsch Jewellery holds a strong belief in upcycling and repurposing.  But just what do I mean by that?

Repurposing is defined by as to “adapt for use in a different purpose”.  With a strong influence from the steampunk and dieselpunk genres, I often utilise vintage watch parts and pieces of hardware in my designs.  By using vintage components, the pieces I create are given a history all of their own.  With a thousand stories to tell, each piece is truly unique.

steampunk brooch

Upcycling is to “use (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original” (source:  You will often find vintage components from broken pieces of jewellery incorporated into my designs, giving them a second life as something entirely new.  This often means the pieces I make are entirely bespoke, unique, one of a kind pieces that are never to be replicated.

IMG_4109a copy

The beauty of upcycling and repurposing is that many of the pieces I make are truly bespoke.  Combining the old with the new, unique pieces of jewellery are made that transcend time.

That’s Ava Kitch’s philosophy: repurpse and upcycle to make something truly unique at an affordable price.  And I like to think I’m doing a little bit of good too, saving something that would otherwise be thrown away.

Vist my folksy shop by clicking an image above or visting

A Hint of Steampunk

When people think of steampunk, they think of this:

And as wonderful and amazing and epic as this is, it’s just a tad much for the everyday.

If you want to ease yourself into steampunk, keeping it simple and classic and subtle, then I have the solution:

vintage steampunk beaded necklace (1)

A simple silver tone necklace featuring vintage beads, a diamante finding and just a hint of steampunk in the form of a vintage watch movement.

vintage steampunk beaded necklace (7)

Understated, simple, yet stylish.  This is a bespoke piece, handmade by Ava Kitsch Jewellery.

Priced at £15.00, this is available to buy from my folksy shop:

Boho Victorian Style

Boho has been big this season.  It is every year when the festivals roll around.  But how to do it in a Victorian style when you’re all about the classic era?

Well, I’ve been working on it and I’ve come up with a beautiful necklace and earring set:

vintage boho glass bead necklace and earring set (3) vintage boho glass bead necklace and earring set (6)

Made from vintage turquoise glass beads on antique bronze effect chain, it’s a little bit of boho but classically styled.

So what do you think?

Available to buy now from my folksy shop

Steampunk Inspired Blue Bead Bracelet


I love to use glass beads when I am creating jewellery and try to source handmade glass beads for their uniqueness.

If you would like to see more of my unique handmade jewellery visit my website